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About Us

From the Roots of Inquiry to the Branches of Insight

Water teaches us to be flexible yet powerful, to carve out new paths while nurturing the life that depends on us. We are searching for solutions that are both effective and empathetic, ensuring the sustainability of resources and communities alike.


Kingdom Mountains of Lesotho


 Advocating for Sustainability
in the Heart of the Mining Industry

At the core of SimplXit are two friends, Simon and Miguel - knowledge seekers, and travelers at heart. Our journey is defined by a shared curiosity and a commitment to understanding the myriad interactions that shape our world. This ethos drives us to seek solutions that are not just technically viable but are respectful of the delicate balance between industrial needs and socio-environmental stewardship.


We navigate this intricate balance between advancing methodological & technological solutions and embracing the principles of sustainability within the mining industry—a realm traditionally known for its heavy socio-environmental footprint.


Our story is one of learning and adaptation, drawing inspiration from the natural world to inform our approach to mine water and waste management. This path is about recognizing our part in a larger ecological and social fabric, striving to mitigate the impacts of extractivism through thoughtful innovation and inclusive practices.

The Faces of Inquiry

Simon Ogude-Chambert

Water Resources Engineer

Shaping Fluid Futures

Simon's journey through the realms of water resources engineering and environmental management has been one of constant exploration and discovery. From the corridors of ENSEEIHT in Toulouse to the innovative environments of Chalmers University in Sweden, his academic and professional endeavors have equipped him with a unique blend of skills. Simon's excellence in simulation modeling, grounded in a comprehensive understanding of water and system's dynamics, brings a nuanced perspective to our projects, reminiscent of water's ability to adapt and transform landscapes.

Miguel Palape

Geotech Engineer

Designing with Nature

Miguel's path, woven through diverse terrains from Chile to Australia, reflects a profound connection to the earth and a dedication to its care. His expertise in geotechnics and mine waste management is but one facet of his commitment to environmental stewardship. Inspired by concepts such as the circular economy and biomimicry, Miguel's work is a testament to the potential for integrating nature's wisdom into our practices, aiming for solutions that regenerate and sustain rather than exploit and exhaust.

Our Clients

Agnico Eagle
Anglo American
Knight Piesold
SLR Consulting
Endeavour Mining
SRK Consulting
First Quantum Minerals
WSP - Golder
Fraser Alexander

        A Vision for Our Future

We understand the challenges within the mining industry and aim to make a meaningful impact by promoting sustainability and conservation.


Our approach embraces the complexities of extractivism and proposes alternatives that prioritize conservation, sustainability, and long-term benefits over short-term gains.


Our vision is a mining industry that operates within the limits of our planet's natural resources. We focus on innovations that prioritize water conservation, recycling technologies, circular economies, and nature-based solutions. We aim to create solutions that are technically sound, environmentally sustainable, and socially equitable.


SimplxIt is committed to changing perceptions within the mining industry. We believe that with creativity, collaboration, and courage, we can address the industry's challenges. We invite all stakeholders to join us in redefining the future of mining.


Rain's soft serenade,

Earth's thirst, quietly allayed,

Life's dance, displayed.

Pioneering Sustainable Pathways Together

Confronting the road ahead, we acknowledge the myriad challenges that loom large, yet we are invigorated by the collaborative potential to manifest our shared aspirations. SimplXIt's narrative is a mosaic of collective ambition, envisioning a future where technological advancement and ecological mindfulness coalesce, inspired by the enduring principles of adaptability, resilience, and sustenance that water embodies. Together, we invite every stakeholder to partake in this transformative journey, reimagining the essence of progress in harmony with the natural world.


Let’s Work Together

We're always excited to connect with you.


Whether you have innovative ideas to share, questions about our approach, or need guidance on your next project, our door is always open. Feel free to reach out to us using the form below. Let's embark on a journey of collaboration, exploration, and mutual growth. Your insights, curiosity, and aspirations are what drive us forward. Together, we can create more impactful solutions and shape a better future in mine water and tailings management.


We're looking forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together!

SimplXit Ltd.

Oxford, United Kingdom

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